Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme 2021/2022(Short-term)

Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS) enable outstanding students, teachers and scholars from all over the world to study and conduct research in China. Aiming at supporting cooperation and exchanges, we are looking forward to welcoming people who are passionate, insightful, and willing to devote themselves to promoting mutual understanding and providing solutions, so as to create a better future for mankind.

In 2016, the Short-term CGS Scheme for UK students was launched to encourage more British students to study in China. Based on China-UK university partnerships, the Short-term Scheme aims to sponsor 120 students in British universities for 4-week study in 289 designated Chinese universities in academic year 2021-2022.

There are no specific requirements for types of students or their fields of study. Various programmes, including language and culture study, workshop, post-doctoral study and internship, are acceptable with credit programmes preferred. It is required that the applicants apply to the Education Section of Chinese Embassy in the UK once a short-term programme has been agreed upon between their home university and its Chinese partner. The submitted programme will be evaluated and funds will be allocated to the Chinese partner university by China Scholarship Council (CSC) to support the programme if approved.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. The programme will cover a period of study for 4 weeks or 8 weeks.

2. The Chinese partner university should be one of the 289 Chinese universities which have been designated to enroll international students with Chinese Government Scholarship. Introduction to the universities and the programs can be found at or .

3. Applicants of this scheme should apply through their home universities based on mutual agreed programmes with the Chinese partners. Individual application will not be considered.

Scholarship Coverage 

The CGS covers a comprehensive local insurance, tuition fee and accommodation for the scholarship recipients when studying in China. Please note that the funding will given to the host university, instead of to the individual students.

Recruitment Procedures and Application Materials

1. Online application completed by nominated individual student at

2. Application / nomination letter by the UK university.

3. Students name list (including names, genders, date of birth, passport number, nationality, CSC application numbers)

4. Programme Introduction (including teaching language, programme duration, course arrangements and contact information)

5. Credit recognition agreement between UK and their partner Chinese universities. (if applicable)

6. A pre-admission letter issued by the Chinese university for scholarship candidates.

Deadline for Application:

28th February, 2021

Visa Application

Scholarship holders should apply for X2 visa (for short-term study) and need to submit original copy of admission letter/JW202 Form to the Chinese Embassy in London or Consulate-genceral in Manchester, Belfast and Edinburgh.

Contact Information:


Instruction of the CSC Online Application System for Short-term Scholarship International Students

1. Visit for registration

2. After registration, log into your account with your user name and password. Choose Chinese Government Scholarship Type A as your scholarship type.

3. The Agency Number: 8261

4. Fill in the form truly, correctly and completely.

5. Choose your host Chinese university for the Preferences of Institution and leave the other two blank.

6. Click the Preview button and check your Application Form carefully before submission. Click the Confirmation of Submit button to submit your Application.

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